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3 Nov. 2560
Piracy Ruins Businesses

In business, software is often among the most utilized tools. Software is renown for improving productivity and helping businesses operate more efficiently. Yet, many companies in Thailand and around the world opt for pirated software over genuine software.

Again and again, this has proven to be a risky business decision with dire consequences. Companies using pirated software face legal consequences from violating the Thai Copyright Act, which requires companies to honor the intellectual property rights and licensing agreements of software providers. Police raids, fines, business disruption and even jail sentences are all possible outcomes of using pirated software in Thailand. Moreover, pirated software leaves companies vulnerable to a variety of potentially ruinous scenarios. Pirated software lacks the security and productivity benefits of genuine software. It is a fact that use of pirated software in business is likely to result in errors that require system-wide downtime. It is also a fact that pirated software is vulnerable to security risks. With the explosion of Internet usage and almost every desktop or laptop connected with Internet, cyber crimes have increased dramatically and one of the many lapses which cyber criminals look at is the vulnerability of non-genuine computer software.