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11 Oct. 2559
Police to intensify enforcement on businesses using unlicensed software

Over the last two years, the Economic Crime Suppression Division (ECD) of the Royal Thai Police investigated and raided business entities using unlicensed software worth many millions.

Most of the raided business entities are in the manufacturing, construction, engineering and distribution industries. ECD Police encourages business entities to review the licensing agreements of software installed and used across their networks and legalize software immediately.

The biggest raid this year occurred in a manufacturing company which was caught with 156 PCs containing high-value unlicensed software worth of 15 million baht.

The objective of the police activity is to bring the business community into compliance with Thailand’s Copyright Act. Police also seek to reduce the prevalence of unlicensed software to improve Thailand’s cyber security. Police are encouraging business leaders to proactively manage their software assets.

The Electronic Transaction Development Agency (ETDA) stated 4,300 cybercrime incidents occurred last year, 35 percent were perpetrated by malicious software code, 26 percent by fraud and 23 percent by intrusion targeting and web defacement. Moreover, ETDA's Thai Computer Emergency Response Team (ThaiCert) found at least 3 million computers out of 8 million were affected with Botnet malware used by attackers to make it difficult to trace the source.

“We encourage business leaders nationwide to ensure only legal and licensed software is installed and running on your networks,” said Pol. Col. Winai Wongbuppa. “This is a basic practice of software asset management that will help you reduce business risks, cyber security risks and legal risks.”