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5 Apr. 2559
ECD shows outstanding performance: First quarter company raids find 617 PCs with unlicensed and illegal software worth over 97 million THB

The Economic Crime Suppression Division (ECD) delivered a strong performance in the first quarter of this year by raiding 59 companies using more than 600 PCs with unlicensed and illegal software worth 97 million baht. Among these companies are some of the largest software piracy raids on record.

ECD police raided a distributor of a well-known smartphone with Thai and Chinese shareholders in Bangkok for using suspected unlicensed and illegal software on 98 PCs. including PCs in the finance and HR departments, which puts sensitive data at risk.

ECD police also raided a manufacturer of glass bottles for food and beverages, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products in Chachengsao Province and found unlicensed and illegal software installed on 52 PCs, the infringement value for both of these raids is more than 10 million baht.

Following the recent statements of Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-o-cha regarding the need to end piracy and counterfeiting in Thailand, ECD has ramped up efforts to educate and crackdown on corporate end-users of illegal software.

Companies that are the victims of cybercrime or cyber intrusions are also often using illegal software themselves.

“Companies that report cybercrime are also often breaking the law by using illegal software; so it’s really important that companies manage their software carefully using proper procedures,” said ECD Deputy Commander, Pol. Col. Dr. Kittisak Plathong. “As the Prime Minister said, ‘Not buying, using or selling pirated items is the correct approach to this problem,’ and we are focused on doing our part to end the use of pirated software among businesses and to stop the retail sale of illegal software.”

ECD recently supported the introduction of “Safe Software, Safe Nation” a national campaign designed to educate the business community and general public about the risks associated with pirated software, including extremely high rates of malware infection. The Department of Intellectual Property and the Association of Thai Software Industry also support this campaign.

“The stakes of using illegal software are now very high for the business community,” said Pol. Col. Dr. Kittisak. “Business organizations using illegal and unlicensedsoftware are acting without responsibility by putting their trade partners and employees at risk. The senior management must get control of their software assets. They need to ensure their business is using only legal software.”

The number of people reporting their employers for using illegal software is growing. To support the Safe Software, Safe Nation campaign, and to make Thailand more cyber-secure, call the Software Piracy Hotline at 02-714-1010 or by reporting it online. More information is available online at